Hi, my name is Jeroen Breevoort. I’m 21 years old and I am located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Designing has always been a passion of mine and something I really enjoy doing. I have already done some cool projects for Dutch artists such as double platina artist Sevn AliasChip Charlez, Brooks and much more. You can view these projects and all my other work such as projects I do in my free-time on my work page!

My specialities lay in graphic and logo design but I’m also able to realize motion graphics such as visuals and lyric videos.

In June 2018 I graduated in Graphic Design at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, as part of my study I was an intern at Ruud van Eijk Design for the whole last year of my studyDuring this internship I got the chance to work for some bigger names in the music industry and learn all about graphic design in general, I worked for artists such as D-Block & S-te-fanMAANR-WAN and a lot more!

Currently working full-time for WALL Recordings / LDH Europe as Art Director and Social Media Manager which means I’m not accepting any new projects.

Clients Include:
LDH Europe, Wall Recordings, Dirty Workz, 2-Dutch Music Group, SKINK Records, Rotterdam Airlines, PRMD Music, Hardstyle.com, Sustain Amsterdam, Zatox, Dr Phunk, Brooks, Sevn Alias, Chip Charlez, Blauwe Uil, Flexual, Steve Void, Strange Fruits, Bout, Magnificence, MAAN, R-WAN, Forrest Park, Pulsar, Dé Panama, Giovchenko

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